About the Artist,

Paula Carrol was born in California, but has lived all over the US and in Europe. Her creative nature showed early, and even as child she would make her own clothing, and practice pottery, painting and jewelry making. Paula studied fine arts in college, and later on pursued further education in communication.

Jewelry making was the creative endeavor that stuck with Paula most over the years and she made jewelry, for her and her friends and family. When she decided to leave the corporate life behind in 2015 she knew that she wanted to turn this hobby and love for manipulating metals into a new career.

Paula Carrol designs  is a jewelry online jewelry store inspired by passion. Our mission is to create and curate unique Jewelry that makes women feel special. She creates modern and simple designs that are inspired by the everyday items.

When Paula isn’t designing and conceives her pieces, she is spending time with her family and their dog jack.


Artist Statement

Ever since I was a pre-adolescent I have been fascinated by art and form. My work explores and celebrate everyday life and particularly geometric form. My designs All my work reflects close attention to detail. I strive to create unique and individual pieces that evoke passion and reflect individuality.